Cosplay Masquerade sign up

Thank you for entering the Ronin Expo Masquerade! We appreciate you and want you to have the best experience. Our priority is that everyone has a fun and to help showcase you in your costume. (or your group's costumes... and maybe win something extra).

For the criteria we will be looking at the quality of the costume and presentation (aka it's ok to compete with something you haven't made. Just make sure you sell you're best acting/posing/role play/in-character display ever.)

Please email the following to . We can't wait to see you June 10th! If you have any questions of concerns don't hesitate to ask!

1. Full Name: (normal non cosplay name that appears on ID)


2. Would you like to use a cosplay name or real name for entering the stage?

2a. Cosplay (Group) Name: (does not need to actually be a group, that's just if there is more than one person in one act or just specify in the email who and what)


3. Series from what you're Cosplaying (the obvious... I don't know what you're cosplaying from so tell us please)


4. Did you Make your costume?

a. Yes I made all of it

b. Yes I made some of it and then purchased some items

c. Yes I purchased most of the items and modified afterwards

d. No this is store bought but I styled the wig or made the prop

e. No I didn't make anything.

4.a. If you answered yes in any scenario in the previous question, what creative steps did you take in making your costume(s)? (aka how did you make your costume?)

4b. If you answered with D in the previous question, please explain your methods for wig styling or prop making.


5. Are you willing to do a skit or walk on? 5.a. do you have your own audio you want to be played? (if yes please bring on USB either as mp3 or mp4 at the convention)