2019 Ronin-Expo Industry Application

This application does not guarantee access to Ronin-Expo 2019 till after approved.

Individuals MUST be in active employment or have worked in the last 12 months with an industry company that is recognized as a production, licensing, post-production or marketing organization- working as part of the creative process, or at an executive level.

  1. Positions considered part of the creative process are: (Voice Actor, Artist, Musician, Writer, etc.

  2. Positions considered at the executive level are: CEO/CFO/COO, President, Vice President, Director, etc.

  3. Only those working in the fields related to anime, manga and/or Japanese culture will be considered.

Credentials will be required (to be presented at check-in, if application has been approved) in order to receive complimentary entry into the event.

Acceptable forms of credentials are as follows:

  • ID and/or Business Card with company name, applicant name, and contact information.

  • Paycheck Stub verifying full-time employment.

  • Company Credit Card listing the applicants name and company name.

  • W-2 Form

Must be a minimum of 18 years of age by/on June 8th, 2019.


  • Companies may receive a maximum of 4 complimentary memberships only. Any additional individuals registering as Industry that are from the same company will need to purchase their memberships at the current registration price.

  • International attendees should submit similar credentials unique to their country that confirm their employment.

  • All registrants must be reviewed and approved by convention staff. You will be contacted via email if we require more information or further clarification. We reserve the right to deny applications at any stage of the process without explanation.

The following WILL NOT be provided as part of your complimentary membership.

  • Hotel

  • Food

  • Parking

Space is limited so please submit your request. Deadline to submit your Industry application is June 5th. No exceptions after June 5th.

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