We at Ronin-Expo do our best to provide a joyful and great experience with all of our attendees & guest. Rules and regulations are implemented in order to keep everyone safe and also have a clear understanding of how the event functions. Please read below before attending our event at Ronin-Expo.



  • All attendees that pre-order or bought at door must show their passes at all times

  • Refunds are acceptable 24 hours before the event.

  • No refunds after 24 hr period expires or at door sales. **No exceptions**

  • For tables purchase, refunds are available one week before the event.

  • Transaction fees from online sales are not refundable

  • No pass transfer for next year’s event is accepted

  • Change of name of ownership of pass is accepted

  • No pass hand off. Any pass hand off to a non-paid attendee during the event will have their pass revoked with no refund.


Cosplay & Prop

  • All cosplay is welcome but be mindful with children.

  • All props must be inspected and tagged before entering the event grounds.

  • None of the following props are allowed

  • Airsoft gun or weapons with open chamber

  • Steel weapons with a blade or sharp tip

  • Wooden or metal sporting equipment

  • Prop no greater than 6 ft (unless its staff type prop)

  • If prop does not meet standards, please discard prop before entering event grounds.



  • No rough playing allowed for the safety of others

  • Any kind of harassment (physical, verbal or sexual) is not accepted. In the event where someone is being harassed, please notify any of our staff for aid. Please don’t act at your own risk. Each case will be handled on case-by-case bases.

  • All children must be attended and supervised by their adult and/or guardian at all times.

  • Respect the staffer on duty since they are the face of the event.

  • If a staffer is not acting accordingly, please notify the venue security for aid. Please don’t act at your own risk. Each case will be handled on case-by-case bases.


If you have any questions or concerns about our rules & regulations, please contact us