Welcome to table selling at Ronin-Expo 2018

Please read carefully on how our event functions

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a table at Ronin-Expo 2018. We will be hosting our annual event at the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC) in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown Los Angeles from 10am-9pm on June 2nd. We will be hosting numerous events, panels, workshops and invite various guests to our show. Keep in mind that our event will not function without your talent and support as a vendors and/or artist. We will do our best to accommodate your needs during the event. We do have a few topics to clear off before you make your purchase.

1.) Tables Vs Nature

All vendors and artist will be located at the outside plaza area of the JACCC. Since major of the event is outdoor, nature will try to attack all vendors and artist at this event during the day. We at Ronin-Expo will do our best to provide better shading area and best to warn you artist to be prepared for wind with ways to add weight to your display.

2.) Secure you valuables

Please be mindful to your surroundings. Our Access Control team will do their best to watch over the event. We do not have any accountability nor we are not responsible if items are stolen and/or lost at your table. Please keep a close eye of your items during the event.

Now that all the main subject are clear. Here is a break down of our event operations as a vendor/artist/swap meet seller.

Timeline event for artist & vendors

Our event runs from 10am till 9pm. As an artist, feel free to set your your space as early at 8am. Our doors will open at 9:50am and our opening ceremony will go live at 10am promptly. Our hours of operation for the plaza for artists is from 10am till 8pm. We will announce a 1 hr warning before 8pm to start wrapping up the table space and cleared out by 9pm.

Timeline event for swap meet

Our swap meet participate must check in with registration to be stamped in as a swap meet participation. Our plaza staff will be checking for stamps while setting up. If no stamp is present, you are unable to participate and clear our the table. All swap meet participate can set up at 6pm. Hours of swap meet operation is from 6pm till 8:30pm. Since it would be towards the evening, we will have lights set up around the swap meet area. A 1 hr warning will be announce before closing. All swap meet participants must be cleared out my 9pm.


A few last things before buying a table with us at Ronin-Expo 2018

1.) Buying a table does not entitle you of a swap meet space. If an artist that is interested in a swap meet table, please purchase your spot below.

2.) For any 18+ items, please be mindful and be sure to properly cover them up since this is an all age event.

3.) Please click here for our rules and guidelines about Ronin-Expo.


Prices and perks

Artist table seller: $100 which includes; one 6'x2.5' table, two chairs and 3 event passes

Vendor tent seller: $250 which includes; 10x10 tent, two 6'x2.5' table, 4 chairs and 4 event passes

Swap meet seller: $20 which include; one 6'x2.5' table and two chairs (pass not included)


View our table space layout

Note: only numbers are artist Alley tables. Boxes with the letter "T"and a number is vendor tent

Note: only numbers are artist Alley tables. Boxes with the letter "T"and a number is vendor tent


Remember that once you buy a table here, you also agree to the terms mentioned on this page.

Happy table buying.