Tyler McPhail

Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Austin, where all the weird people live, Tyler McPhail is now based out of Orange County and can be heard in podcasts and seen in panels. He started his nerdy network, The Grand Geek Gathering, in 2014 as a community where people from all fandoms can come together to celebrate what they love. Tyler is loud, opinionated, and looking for any opportunity to entertain people. He’s grateful to be part of Ronin Expo and bring his uncontainable energy to the con.




KAGE has been cosplaying since 2006. As a national and international competitor, his accolades ranges from Best in Show to Master Division awards in recognition for both Craftsmanship and Presentstion. You may know him from his more well known cosplays like Altair, Cloud Strife, Levi, or Roxas, but behind the costume, he really loves bunnies and is a major foodie.



Lovely Rushers

Lovely Rushers is a performance group featuring dance and vocal covers of anime and video game music, kpop, jpop, and whatever else piques their interest! Founded by sister’s BelovedStar and Overworld Cosplay in 2015, this group has worked very hard to bring their love of Idol groups and their music to conventions all over California!




Originally from the east coast and now residing in Los Angeles. Dustbunny, has been in the convention scene for over 15 years and is an award winning cosplayer. You can normally spot her at cons judging costume contests, running cosplay panels or chilling with friends.
Her most notable costume was a gown she made inspired by Totoro. Since then she has been guesting at conventions in the hopes to help strengthen the cosplay community and pass on the knowledge she has.
Dustbunny, has a genuine heart for making costumes and will support anyone who has the desire for cosplaying.

Follow her on Facebook /DBCosplay & Instagram @dustbunnycosplay


Summoner’s Cafe

"Summoner's Cafe is a Cosplay Maid Cafe that creates events for the gaming and anime community. From traditional maid cafe experiences to game shows and viewing parties, summon our maids and hosts to create fun memories together! At Ronin-Expo



Sui Yumeshima

Sui Yumeshima is a Artist/Model/Cosplayer From Japan. After Graduating from Takaradsuka University in Shinjuku, Japan in 2013, her art career quickly took off when she got recognition from some of Japan's top manga artists such as Leiji Matsumoto. Her work has been printing in various Japanese art magazines and she has done solo expositions in Ginza and Kyoto.  Many of her works can be seen on her website at: http://totosuisui.jorougumo.com/

Her Instagram: www.instagram.com/sui_yumeshima/



Cavie Anvel

Cavie Anvel is a Cosplaying Nerd Rapper. He has had music featured on Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel and he recently won Anime Los Angeles Next Top Star 2019. Cavie is best known for his Nerdcore music videos and cosplay on Instagram. There is a rumor going around that he is Louise Belcher's son from the future but we have not been able to confirm whether or not this is true.

Follow Cavie on IG: @cavieanvel and be on the look out for new content. Plus Ultra!


cali crsis.jpg

Cali Crisis

Cali Crisis is a Synth Pop duo from Sunny Southern California heavily inspired by 80's/vintage anime, manga, and J-pop. The magical android girl Cali can sing like no other while Crisis shreds on keys.